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Name:« Woody » Steve Woods



Woody is a forty-some year old with a dark and tragic past. He has battled cocaine and alcohol addictions – he is currently in recovery. At low points of his addiction he did sleazy male modelling for money to feed his habit. His lowest point came when ex-partner Jenny slit her wrists because Woody wouldn't marry her – it was Woody who found her body.

He has a heart of gold, but bad luck follows him everywhere. Everything he touches turns to shite.

A holiday to Majorca took a turn for the worse when good friend Alvo was murdered, and Woody, and mates Quinn, Rick and Baxter were dragged deep into a dark world of corrupt cops, drug dealing and the defiling of a statue of the Virgin Mary.

Just when the boys thought they were on their way home they wound up it Morocco after it was discovered the CIA wanted them dead. They were given false identities and shipped off to Cape Town, where they lived false lives for two years.

But things never go well for the boys...


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[ This journal is part of a non-profit roleplaying community and is not intended to be taken literally as the character portrayed. I am in no way associated with the owners of the intellectual property the character belongs to. No copyright infringement is intended, nor do I pretend to own any part of said property, trademarks or characters. This journal may be subject to removal at the request of the real person, trademark holder, copyright owner or agent thereof.

In other words... I am not Woody or Max Beesley. I do not own the rights to Mad Dogs. And last but not least my thoughts and opinions are not necessarily that of the character. ]

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